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Automation and Controls.


At AES, we bring the whole package by handling everything from the design, programming, installation of both low and high voltage equipment, to the communications systems to tie it all together.

Industrial Automation.


When it comes to industrial automated systems, AES provides the highest level of quality and capability the market has to offer. Working with top quality, American-made products, we bring systems that have been proven to be reliable, easy to use, and cost effective.


Much of our expertise has been utilized in the water and wastewater industries for many local municipalities by providing them with ground-up SCADA and Alarm systems, instant mobile connectivity, and the hardware to match. Some of our installations include entire lift station and filter plant control systems with customized touch screen PLC control , Variable Frequency Drives, Soft Starters, and rewiring existing control systems.


Mobile Connectivity.


A rapidly growing number of our clients are utilizing our ability to get them connected to their system over their phone. By utilizing cellular and WIFI networks, we can provide an unprecedented level of connectivity, drastically reducing risk and response times, and increasing the ability to respond to any situation, while maintaining industry standard security.


Whether it is adjusting an pump control setpoint on a lift station, or making sure the barrel room temperature and humidity is just right, nothing gives you instantaneous connection like a mobile phone can.

Next Generation Communications.


Even the most advanced control systems can be crippled by their communications system, as is the case for a large number of municipalities and commercial operations today. At AES, we make a leap forward to broadband radio technology utilizing a wide variety of techniques to provide exponentially higher throughput and response time than previously available. Entire cities rely solely on our networks to provide them with vital SCADA information in an incredibly timely and efficient manner.


Training and Support.


With any new control system, training and safety is everything. AES provides on-site training with customized visual, easy to read documentation to make sure nothing or no one is lost in transition. Once everyone is trained, we are able to provide prompt response to any support needs and easily facilitate any future growth.


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